Tom Cruise & The Space Station🚀

Tom Cruise May Become the First Civilian👨🏻‍🚀to Spacewalk on the ISS.

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Tom Cruise will launch aboard a SpaceX rocket to film a movie at the Space Station & could become the first civilian to do a spacewalk.

Tom Cruise was 19 when he made his first movie.

Tom’s first movie was called ”Taps.” and starred Tom Cruise, 19, Timothy Hutton, 21, and Sean Penn, 21.

This is Tom Cruise, 19 years old.

During the making of 1981’s “Taps,” filmed at Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania. — 🎬Quick 1-min 34-sec trailer

Tom Cruise earned $50,000 for his breakthrough role in “Taps.”

His salary jumped to $75,000 for another star-making role in 1983’s “Risky Business.”

That same year he earned $500,000 for a movie called “Legend.”

It is a strange movie that also starred Mia Sara, the chick from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986).

Tom Cruise was just 23 years old when he first played Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in 1986’s Top Gun. — Classic!

Tom got paid $20 million.

While talking about the cast, we already know how much Tom Cruise made through Top Gun Maverick, it is $20 million but he took home a huge cheque of $100 million as Cruise also earns from the box office profits. It made him the highest-paid actor of this year so far.

✈️ Thirty-six years on, 🛦Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise are still the best of pals!👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

Hit after hit. At least 63 films. Tom is now…



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