Tell A Vision. 📺 Yep, It’s TV time!

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Let’s take a stroll together down TV memory lane. Remember, when…

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The word television came from combining those words, tell a vision.

The google stuff is good to know if you are calling with friends:

Where did the word television come from?

The word television comes from the Greek prefix “tele” and the Latin word vision or “seeing from a distance.” The TV camera converts images into electrical impulses, which are sent along with cables, or by radio waves, or satellite to a television receiver where they are changed back into a picture.

I did not know that. It’s pretty cool, Just stored in my brain's hard drive.

The first TV show aired in 1928 and was called The Queen’s Messenger — Below is a 19-second clip.

The first television sets in 1927 were huge, with tiny screens and had scrolls on the sides of them. They were big and box-like, and the size of a refrigerator.

The picture was not color, but black and white. We’ve come a long way baby!.

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The first television sets were only affordable to the wealthy. During the 1930s, the average annual salary was a mere $1,368, while a television set cost a whopping $200 to $600.

📺 — For many of us, TV was a part of our history.

For me, it started when I was 3. It’s part of my history, as it is probably for you.

When did you start watching TV? 📺 Do you remember your first TV show?

Please share your memories! This may be fun. Remember, I’m the self-proclaimed Medium, “Fun Addict!”

The first TV for my family was in 1963, a black and white Zenith, and cost my parents around $700 bucks.

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