I am staying with Medium. Why?

Jan Sebastian 🖐👩‍🦰
4 min readFeb 23, 2022

There are reasons. So, sorry Vocal Media, Simily, and the rest. I’m staying put.

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I may get a second Medium account.

Crazy, right? Maybe not. I had a struggle for a bit. Our money dropped and I freaked a bit and everyone is scrambling, me included. I’m staying put.

I have actually have made pretty good money on Medium. I know that it works. I made $12.93 yesterday.

So let’s have the reveal. So why? Drumroll please…

I trust that Medium will be around for a while.

People are investing on a regular basis. The last one was 10M in Nov. 2021.

To me, that indicates that Medium is maybe making adjustments so they can stay in business. If people were willing to invest 10M a few months ago, they must have been given a compelling business plan.

These investors have experts who analyze everything. A good thing.

Medium is solid. They have a Funding History

November 2011 $4.9M — February 2013 $3.5M — January 2014 $15.6M — September 2015 $17.1M — April 2016 $8.6MJuly 2016 $2.6M — July 2019 $10.0M — September 2021 $8.7M — September 2021 $133M — November 2021 $4.0M — November 2021 $8.9M — November 2021 $10.0M

Why a second Medium account? It is because Medium has “Limited comments” per account per day is the simple reason why.

I run out every single day. Highlights are great, but comments bring more reads. If for $5 a month I could make $200 extra a month, it’s worth considering.

The other options. Simily is pray for your money.

Ok, First of all, what is the word Simily at all? Who is thinking of this stuff? — Put Simily into google and it autocorrects… Did you mean: simile? Did they not put it in the google search engine?

Simily.co? — I may be being mean, but I don’t understand. I’m no expert.

Not a great name, SEO issues in my mind. Scratching my head…Hmmm.



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