Art is so ZEN! 🎨Here is how I do it!

Jan Sebastian 🖐👩‍🦰
7 min readMar 12, 2024

I have some fun ideas and cheats! 🖌️It’s so relaxing!🖼️ A great escape!

Photo by the author

It doesn’t have to be perfect! — This one was fun!

I painted tons of wine and martini paintings because I sold my art and folks who love wine or have a bar would buy them!

This is a commission martini painting done for a basement bar in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The couple saw my art on Etsy and requested this specifically. — They wanted naked women to be in the vodka liquid.

I love HUGE PAINTINGS! — So I used acrylic house paint at first. — House paint is cheap.

I would buy the paint by the gallon. I often bought “OOPS PAINT” from Lowes or Home Depot!

“Oops paint,” is paint some buys then returns to the store so the store sells it super cheap!



Jan Sebastian 🖐👩‍🦰

I had a stroke so I can’t walk or talk, but I can write! Just a new chapter in life. I love the journey…..By me a cup of coffee