The goal is to find out if we can make $500 a month on Medium.

Maybe $1,000 or more, but for now we are starting with $500.

I broke down and took a shower.

When I began this crazy quest in September I stated that I would not bathe or change clothes until I hit the $500 mark. I would only write and sleep.

I didn’t publish yesterday. I read other Medium…

It was in my parents’ bathroom, so as a kid, I ignored it.

We had many magazines in the home.

I just thought that my parents liked to read while on the toilet.

Soon, when I was old enough to learn how to clean the bathroom.

It was one of my chores.

I went to clean mom and dad’s bathroom and picked up a magazine to clean under it.


I started this crazy quest on September 1st. We can do this 100% for sure!

Why do I use the snowball analogy?

Because if we set a course and stick by it. this Medium writing thing will be like a snowball rolling down a hill. It will get bigger and roll faster.

I now have proof.

I am not some “amazing writer” like some of…

They take 50 cents for every dollar I make. HALF.

I am totally serious.

I am on disability.

While being very thankful for the help. but trying to break away from the system is a challenge.

After a stroke. I am learning to walk and talk again, but I can write.

Medium is a challenge for any beginner to begin with, but stripe will…

What are you saying? I mean really.

Do we suck?

Are too busy to click 50 times?

So you know you can click 50 times?

Just to clear this up…

You can clap 50 times for each article.

At first, I didn’t know, but a Medium member kindly told me.

It helps the author make a little more money

I say…

It’s true. These kids are dirt poor but really want to go to school, so they swim.

I was shocked to hear of such a thing but is true and real.

Going to school meant swimming and wading through water with their school books tied up in a plastic bag over their heads. Yes, this is real!

They crave an education so that is what they had…

Are we skatin’? Laying low until it’s legal everywhere?

First of all, Hemp was grown on a farm owned by George Washington…

The first USA President of the United States of America.

George Washington’s initial interest in hemp was as a cash crop. After deciding not to cultivate it as a cash crop, He grew it to meet the needs of his own plantation. …

Jan Sebastian

I had a stroke so I can’t walk or talk, but I can write! Just a new chapter in life. I love the journey. By me a cup of coffee

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