$500 Per Month On Medium🌱Ideas

Jan Sebastian 🖐👩‍🦰
6 min readOct 3, 2022

People had questions about this. So I wish to address some. WE GOT THIS!

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I do get questions, so here are some answers.

Many people want to know why I write about money. So here we go!

First of all, I do these articles so you can know the possibilities!

I post my Stripe numbers not because I am a shithead who needs to say, “Look at me, I’m the SHIT!” — I HAD A MENTOR ON MEDIUM. He showed me that so much is possible on Medium.

It is my son, Joe Duncan.🙏 Joe Duncan — Medium

He is a brilliant writer, but I’m his mom! He writes on many sites, but on Medium, he blocked me, because I wrote about him. Kids, right? So here I am putting the HUGE SECRET! — I have a son named Joe, who showed me possibilities on Medium, so I am paying it forward. 🧡 Love ya son!

What are the possibilities On Medium moneywise?

Keeping it real, we’re not talking about millions!

I have pushed the Medium vortex as hard as I can for a while and the $500 a month is still a push. This was the original goal. To find the number. Unless something changes I am calling $500 a month a fair goal.

It helps that I have 351 stories published.

The older stories still get hits or views. So as you rack up stories, your overall views will increase. So just keep doing what you’re doing. You will get more and more views.

💰Why do I post my earnings?

I ain’t no Bullshitter. A couple of folks on Medium have even accused me of being a fraud. I work my holy living ass off to find the true possibilities, for all of us! Both me and you.

For the month of July 2021, I made 8 cents.

In September 2021 I began this money monthly possibilities quest. In December 2021, I crossed the $500 mark, making $540.

Since then it has varied. ups and downs.

Jan Sebastian 🖐👩‍🦰

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