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5 min readJul 20, 2022

✌🏼Some New Stuff 👌🏼 Some Old Stuff 👉🏼& Some Silly Medium Stuff👈🏼

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I wrote about this on May 11, 2022. I still dream every night that I’m working on Medium! 🧸 It used to be disturbing, but now it’s relaxing.

Okay, I mentioned this before, but It’s worth mentioning again…

💰 A writer gets paid again for a second, 3rd, 4th, etc… read!

So you read, clap your 50 claps, comment, and/or highlight a post…

FYI, the writer gets paid for you reading the post again. If you clapped 50 claps already, you won’t be able to clap again, but no worries.

While glancing at our stats, we get a bit of a fun rush if our claps are rising, so claps are a big deal!

For sure, comment and/or highlight so the writer will get an email, letting them know that you stopped by and gave them some “View” love!

⏰ Is there a good time to publish on Medium?

It just doesn’t matter. 👉🏼 At all.👈🏼

  • Peak publish hours are 6 am-3 pm PST, with about 25% more posts published during that time frame, but doesn’t affect you.
  • Peak publish days are weekdays, with about 50% more posts published on weekdays than on weekend days. Doesn’t matter to you!
  • I personally publish and then I comment my ass off. — I PUBLISH THEN COMMENT LIKE CRAZY! — Works for me!

What does matter are two things:

  1. How much effort did…



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