$1000 Medium month.πŸ’° 1/2 way through!

I just may actually do this 1k this month!🀞Fingers crossed.πŸ˜– CRAZY!

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After this, I won't try again!

Unless of course I really need the money. β€” So here I am on Medium, reading clapping, highlighting, and commenting maniac! β€” 7 days a week this month, but I have been doing 7 days a week FOREVER!

Yes, I am writing also! This will be my 10th piece this month.

It’s the 19th so I decided not to publish every single day!

I did this test in May and HATED IT!

I tried publishing every day and pretty much did, but I didn’t even come close to $1,000. So this time I changed it up,

Some of you just crank amazing pieces out daily!

I am following Sophia Tell- Stories πŸ€“πŸ“’πŸ€“ now. β€” She is blowing out some awesome stuff while doing a 365 daily publishing challenge. β€” Congrats, Sophia!

So I’m not there yet, but I believe it is possible.

So I will continue on the quest, so we all know for sure.

For now, after I publish this, I will go back to being a MEDIUM MACHINE!

More reading clapping, highlighting, and commenting like a maniac!

Quick note, I got a crazy email! β€” 500 fans!

Last year I took a naked pic of myself and wrote about it. β€” The other day Medium emailed me that the story had 500 fans,

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Okay, I had to think for a second, β€œWhat is a fan?”

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