100 Medium followers 📊 & more tips!

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6 min readOct 4, 2022

Fast track to getting 100 followers. 📈Time to get paid writers!💰 REALLY!

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Medium newbies…WELCOME! — Medium vets…I LOVE YOU!

Partnership Program Earnings…LET’S DO THIS!

I do get questions from our fellow writers, so if I think a question and the answer is something others may benefit from, I share it with others, so here we go!

I got an email from a new Medium writer.

👉 Bonnie L Samuel is a newbie with 74 followers as 0f today, 10/4/2022. Below is one of her stories.👇👇👇

Feel free to follow Bonnie and give her a warm welcome!

Medium encouragement — Bonnie’s email👇

Hello Jan…. Just read your very encouraging piece on how Medium works….or rather how we the writers should work to get the most for our effort$. I have more than one question…. In order to convert to the earning for our writing, one has to meet the target of 100 fans or followers, claps, or views…which? What is the goal to be reached? For example, I have over 300 views and about 59 fans.
I was over at Substack….strange vibes, I thought. Medium has quite a different feel…warm, encouraging, and fun too. And, interesting stuff to read too. Nice people. Fortunately, very, I like to write too.
Hope your day brings you the good stuff.
Best to you, Bonnie

👉My response to Bonnie is important! — 👇About 100 followers!

Hey, Bonnie…Great to meet you!

I looked into Substack and I decided Medium was better for me. Like you, the vibe was strange.

What you need are 100 followers. If you really want them fast, like in a day it’s possible. — If you want to get it done quickly, let me know. — You have 74…

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